The Ammonium Maze

Re-imagining music from all eras of the Percy Hill songbook, featuring OGs Tom Powley, Jon Hawes and Aaron Katz

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Aaron Katz, drums/vocals; Jon Hawes, bass; Tom Powley, guitar/vocals; Dave Brunyak, guitar/vocals; Chris Sink, keys/vocals; Sarah Blacker, vocals; Danielle Lovasco, vocals 


Original soul music; least Google-able band name in history

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George Laliotis, drums/vocals; Chris Noyes, bass/backing vocals; Scott Solsky, guitar/backing vocals; Sky Rubins, guitar; Chris Sink, keys/backing vocals; Jamie Boccia, trumpet; Andrew Emmanuel, sax


Instrumental funk originals painstakingly recorded at Skylab Studios

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Seb Sink - drums; Justin Greenberg - bass; Sky Rubins - guitar/engineering; Chris Sink - keys

Queen City Soul

Funk/soul/r&b covers, with an emphasis on tunes that we like to play

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George Laliotis, drums/vocals; Justin Greenberg, bass; Travis Shelby, guitar; Chris Sink, keys/vocals

Crown Jules

Crown Jules is a band that focus on the vibe of Detroit and the music it's influenced.


PJ Donahue, drums; Nick Phaneuf, bass/backing vocals; Jim Dozet, guitar/backing vocals; Chris Sink, keys; Carrie Boeing, backing vocals; Jules Eatmon, lead vocals

Wheel Of Awesome

Eclectic grab bag of covers with a setlist entirely determined by the spin of quiz show-style wheel. One mulligan per set allowed.


Rick Habib - drums/vocals; Tim McCoy - bass/vocals; Jon McCormack - guitar/vocals; Chris Sink - keys/vocals

Stone Dead

All-star (plus me) tribute to the Grateful Dead

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George Laliotis - drums/vocals; Tim Leavy - drums/vocals/creative director; Drew Wyman - bass/vocals; Chris O'Neil - guitar/vocals; Adam Terrel - guitar/vocals/musical director; Chris Sink - keys/vocals

Power Money Cake

Power Money Cake plays Steely Dan.

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Rick Habib, drums/vocals; Bob Lord, bass; Sky Rubins, guitar; Chris Sink, keys/vocals

The Amorphous Band

Funky covers and originals since 1995. 3/4 Chrises since 2014.

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George Laliotis, drums/vocals; Chris Noyes, bass; Chris O'Neil, guitar/vocals/President and CEO; Chris Sink, keys/vocals


Moon Minion

Original neo-soul

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Greg Rothwell, bass; Jim Dozet, guitar; Chris Sink, keys/backing vocals; Felicia Light, vocals
(Drummers included Aaron Katz, Chris Thurston, Mike D'Errico and George Laliotis


Original indie rock powered by the songwriting of Andy Savoy

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Sam Renshaw, drums; Greg Rothwell, bass; Andy Savoy, guitar/vocals; Sky Rubins, guitar; Chris Sink, guitar/backing vocals


Original upbeat blue-eyed soul

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Nick Mainella. drums; Greg Rothwell, bass; Josh Watkinson, guitar/vocals/songwriting; Chris Sink, keys/backing vocals; Eric Klaxton, sax; Zach Lange, trumpet; Allie Edge, bari sax


Paint swatch-based concept album and musical from the mind of Jon McCormack 

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Rick Habib - drums/vocals; Joe Harding - bass;  Nick Phaneuf - bass/guitar; Stu Dias - guitar/vocals; Jon McCormack - guitar/vocals/visionary; Duncan Watt - keys/backing vocals; Chris Sink - keys/backing vocals 

Vanilla Manvelope

Soulful rock with powerful vocals

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Jim Larkin, drums; Joe Cesarz, bass; Eric Reardon, guitar; Chris Sink, keys; Sarah Seminski, vocals

Sound Inc

Instrumental high school jazz fusion - we had fun


Seb Sink, drums; Brandt Yorke, bass; John Feliciano, bass; Chris Sink, keys; Matt Kendall, trumpet

Holden Brown and the Wishes

Chris Côté's mad vision of future Halloween classics. Album and shows coming October 2022

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Mike Walsh, drums/percussion; Rick Habib, drums/percussion;  Chip Brindamour, bass; Sky Rubins, guitar; justin jj jordan, baritone guitar; Mike Effenberger, keys; Chris Sink, keys; Alvin Davis, trumpet/saxophones/trombone; Bryan Cowan, baritone sax; Scott Hearn, trombone; Charlotte Moroz, vocals; Chris Côté, vocals/acoustic guitar/keys/songwriting/arranging